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    04/02/2020 14:00 - Europe/Brussels
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The doctoral fellowship programme INPhINIT ”la Caixa” is devoted to attracting talented Early-Stage Researchers—of any nationality—who wish to pursue doctoral studies in Spanish or Portuguese territory. Sponsored by ”la Caixa” Foundation, it is aimed at supporting the best scientific talent and fostering innovative and high-quality research in Spain and Portugal by recruiting outstanding international students and offering them an attractive and competitive environment for conducting research of excellence.

The INPhINIT Incoming Doctorate programme holds 35 PhD fellowships for researchers willing to carry out their PhD project in research centres accredited with the Spanish Seal of Excellence Severo Ochoa, María de Maeztu or Health Institute Carlos III and Portuguese units accredited as “excellent” according to the evaluation of the Fundação de Ciência e Tecnologia.  This frame is addressed exclusively to STEM disciplines: life sciences and health, experimental sciences, physics, chemistry and mathematics. 

The Biomedical Research Institute of Lleida (IRBLleida) was founded in 2004 as a joint body between the University of Lleida (UdL) and the public health system of the region (ICS-Lleida), which comprises more than 500,000 inhabitants. IRB Lleida is accredited as a Health Institute Carlos III Research Center , and hosts about 300 researchers, including basic research and professionals involved in clinical assistance and/or in expert teaching in Medicine, Nursing, Biomedicine, Biotechnology and Human Nutrition & Dietetics at the UdL.

IRBLleida is integrated by biomedical research groups covering all three aspects of biomedical search: the basic, the translational and the clinical epidemiological research. We count with two dedicated buildings (4000m2 each) located in the campus of the Hospital Arnau de Vilanova, other research units scattered around the Faculty of Medicine, University of Lleida, the Arnau de Vilanova Hospital and the Santa Maria Hospital, and a new state-of-art complex designed to maximize the research and training experience of interventional skills.

IRBLleida also interacts with other research centers of the Lleida area, such as the Lleida Agri-food Science and Technology Park, the Polytechnic Institute of Research and Innovation in Sustainability (Inspires), or the Agri-food Research Unit of the UdL in the development of innovative and multidisciplinary research projects.

The Immunology and Metabolism research Group (GRIM) at the IRB Lleida is looking for a highly talented early-stage researcher willing to develop their research career at the Institute. Pre-doctoral researchers will have the opportunity to contribute to the development of a innovative research project in a stimulating multidisciplinary scientific environment under the supervision and mentoring of Dr. Concepción Mora as group leader.




Medicine and Experimental Therapy /Research Group in Immunology and Metabolism (GRIM); Basic Node: Immunology and Immunopathology (GRIIP)



-Research Project / Research Group Description:

Autoimmune diabetes (T1D) is caused by the destruction of insulin producing beta cells in the pancreas. Pro-inflammatory cytokines released in the autoimmune attack deeply alter beta cells leading them to apoptotic death. Cyclin D3, a protein involved in CDK-dependent cell cycle progression, has been reported by our group to be downregulated in the pancreatic islets upon inflammation in T1D ((Saavedra-Avila, et al. PNAS USA 2014)). Our group has also reported that cyclin D3 is required for beta cell viability and to keep beta cells fit, both in a cell cycle-independent fashion (Ibídem). In the current project, we aim to validate potential new signaling pathways of cyclin D3, by checking whether they are causally related to beta cell function and viability. We plan to use interdisciplinary approaches including molecular and cellular biology, computational biochemistry, immunological and metabolic techniques. These studies will be performed in vitro (insulinoma cell lines, pancreatic islets); and, in vivo (T1D-prone NOD (Non Obese Diabetic) mouse model). Our challenge in this call is to find at least one key Cyclin D3 partner that regulates beta cell fitness and/or viability, and, is susceptible to be targeted for T1D therapeutic intervention. Patent filling is deemed for those molecules fulfilling this profile.

Dr. Concepción Mora is principal investigator at the IRBLleida in the area of Immunology, and has long experience in mentoring PhD students, postdocs, rotation students and technicians. Dr. Mora is the coordinator of the Immunology syllabus in the Biotechnology and Biomedical Sciences Degrees, and she lectures on Immunology in these degrees and in the Medicine degree at the University of Lleida (UdL), where she is appointed as Associate Professor of Immunology. Dr. Mora’s research group has competitive funding and free access to the IRBLleida/UdL consortium infrastructure, and state of the art scientific-technical, bibliographical and data processing facilities.

The predoctoral candidate will be enrolled in the Health Sciences Doctorate Program of the UdL and will be responsible for conducting most of the experimental tasks related to accomplish the scientific goal of this project, under our supervision. The main goal of this project is to validate potential new signaling pathways of cyclin D3, by checking whether they are causally related to beta cell function and/or viability. The predoctoral candidate will be trained in developing technical, analytic, inductive, scientific literature search, organizational, discussion and communicative skills, together with the training in scientific paper writing and oral scientific exposition. He/she is intended defense his/her Doctoral Thesis presented by the publication-wise format.

DEADLINE: The call for applications opens on the date the call rules are published and closes on 4 February 2020 at 2 p.m. (Central European Time - CET).

LINK: https://obrasociallacaixa.org/en/investigacion-y-becas/becas-de-la-caixa...


Offer Requirements

    ENGLISH: Good


The candidate must hols a degree in either Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Pharmacy or similar, and have accomp`lished the European legislation regarding doctorate eligibility and mobility.

The average mark of the degree must be higher than 8,3 out of  the top mark of 10.

The candidate must be highly motivated and  eager to pursue a scientific career.

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Specific Requirements

FOR THE InPhINIT call, please check the call requirements at the next link:


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Institute for Biomedical research of Lleida (IRB-Lleida)

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