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Did you know that in September 2009 Moldova was the first country in the world to launch high-definition voice services for mobile phones? It was also the first in Europe to launch 14.4 Mbps mobile broadband nationally, now covering over 40% of the population. Moldova is ranked third in the world in terms of internet speed, according to the Net Index which covers 152 countries. It is a country with a firm vision for the digital future.

It was the first country in the Eastern Partnership to be formally ‘associated’ with the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) for research, technological development and demonstration activities (2007-2013), as well as Horizon 2020 (H2020, 2014-2020) which considerably expanded access to European research grants.

The R&I system in Moldova is represented by 61 state and private organisations, including 39 institutes and research centres, 15 higher education institutions, and seven other learning or research entities. These employ 2,707 scientific researchers, more than half of which are women (1,430).

R&D expenditure in Moldova in 2020 totaled 469.6m lei (€22.52m), the equivalent of 0.23% of the GDP, compared to 0.24 in 2019. Just over three-quarters of that was spent on applied research, 10.6% on fundamental research, and 14.2% on technological development.

Research in Moldova is primarily financed on the basis of ‘quality competition’. Funding comes from the state budget, foreign funds, companies and the NARD. The MECR is the principal R&D funding body in Moldova, consolidating different grants and types of funding and giving research more visibility within society.

As most research is performed in public universities, the majority of research jobs are also in these centres of learning. Doctoral studies are regarded as part of the student body and receive a monthly scholarship.

Read more information on the Republic of Moldova in the document attached here.

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