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12th Young Investigators' Meeting 2020

Topics: Events

Tags: India | India Bioscience

    14/02/2020 - 09:00
    India, Mahabalipuram
    18/02/2020 - 18:00

The annual Young Investigators’ Meeting (YIM) brings together exceptional young and senior scientists, heads of institutes, and representatives from funding agencies for 3 days of discussions and interactions focusing on science and careers in a broad range of disciplines of biology. The program features illuminating talks by renowned scientists, posters, and panel discussions that focus on a wide variety of topics including choosing the right research problem, translational research, personnel management, funding opportunities and mentorship. Senior scientists describe their journeys, providing inspirational and amusing anecdotes about their experiences with establishing scientific careers.

YIM 2020 will provide an opportunity for the participants to get a flavour of all the different components of the traditional YIM. Eminent researchers from India and abroad have been invited as mentors and speakers; their talks would be a mixture of science and career experiences. There will be a couple of special talks on topics relevant to everyone in science. Other than these talks, there will be a series of panel discussions on a wide range of topics: translational research, science outreach and communication, mentoring, lab and grant management, funding, and much more. All the participants will also present their work in the form of posters during the meeting. There will be plenty of time for informal networking during the course of three days..

At the end of the YIM, there will be a one and a half-day Satellite Meeting that enables our invited PDFs to learn about jobs in India and meet Directors/Vice-Chancellors of institutes and universities from across India. Although YIM makes an effort to facilitate job searches for Post-Doctoral fellows (PDFs), it is not a job fair and the bulk of the meeting revolves around doing science in India and the mentoring of young investigators and post-doctoral fellows. Please write to us at for queries.

Who can attend

The following categories of researchers are eligible to apply for YIM2020:

i) Postdoctoral fellows (PDFs)

Applications are welcome from Postdoctoral Fellows from all over the world including India, who are working broadly in the area of Life Sciences and have an interest in pursuing a science career in India. The applications can be filled online with the following items:

a) Resume

b) Short write-up on the research work

c) Statement of purpose about why you want to participate in YIM 2020

d) Recommendations from at least one referee

In past years, we have had more PDFs apply than we can accommodate at YIM due to the size of our venue. We assure you that we are absolutely fair in our selection and your application will be carefully reviewed by a selection panel. We consider many factors (not just publications), including years as a postdoc, your field of research, clarity of your written statements, letter of recommendation and whether you have previously attended a YIM (one can attend YIM only once as a PDF).

ii) Young Investigators (YIs)

Applications are welcome from young investigators from various areas of the Life Sciences who are in the early years (<8 years) of their career as an independent investigator in Indian academia. The applications can be filled online with the following items:

a) Resume

b) Research focus and vision

c) Statement of purpose about why you want to participate in YIM 2020

Note: Letters of recommendation are not required for YIs

Meeting costs: Registration, hotel, food will be provided by IndiaBioscience. We will reimburse the economy airfare within India for YIs. Transport to and from Chennai airport will be covered and organized by our committee. International airfare costs for PDFs may be partially reimbursed (depending upon the region of travel), subject to availability of funds. Transport to your local airport will not be covered. Please refer to FAQs for more details.


Note: If you have attended any of the YIMs in India before, your application will not be considered (in the same category). If you have attended as PDF and now applying as a YI, your application will be considered. Registration are now open. You need to generate your login ID and password for IndiaBioscience website in order to apply. Please click here to sign up.