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India–Spain Programme of Co-Operation on Industrial Research & Development 2020

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Any collaborative Research & Development project can apply for funding, based on merit that include science and technology (S&T) development leading to commercial success, social good and benefit to both countries. There is however a specific focus on the following technology áreas:

  • Clean tech (renewables, water, environmental)
  • Internet of things (smart mobility, smart grids, smart cities, etc.)
  • Digital health and medical devices
  • Agro & food technologies
  • Any other sector of mutual interest

Current RFP invites collaborative Applications in following areas:

  • Clean Tech (Renewables, Water, Environmental)
  • Internet of Things (Smart Mobility, Smart Grids, Smart Cities, etc.)
  • Digital Health and Medical Devices
  • Agro & Food Technologies
  • Any Other Sector of Mutual Interest.



Eligible projects under the present RFP are R&D projects falling under the thematic areas described above in section 2, to be performed by an international consortium of independent companies from India and Spain. This international consortium shall be formed at least by one qualified partner from each country (1 Indian company + 1 Spanish company

R&D project proposals will be strengthened by the participation of research centres, academic entities or other R&D performing organisations as a component of the R&D.

Indian Applicants

Eligible Indian applicants must be researchers or managers of for-profit companies that operate and are headquartered in India. Academic institutions, research centres, hospitals (including not-for-profit research institutes recognized by DST/GITA) that are headquartered and operate in India are strongly encouraged to participate in the project as co-investigators.

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